Carcoar Cup Ultra Marathon - 60km

7.00am Sunday: Entry fee $90

The Ultra Marathon is the newest addition to the Carcoar Cup Running Festival and has been included due to popular demand. Runners in the Ultra will follow the same challenging course as the Marathon runners with the addition of a loop after the town of Neville.
Mens and Womens divisions 1st Prizes $600 plus trophy, 2nds $250 plus trophy, 3rds $100 plus trophy. Commemorative Medallions all runners

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Carcoar Cup Marathon - Sponsored By John Davis Motors

8.00am Sunday: Entry fee $90

The hero of the festival, this race is run over the traditional marathon distance (42.2KM) but with a mix of sealed and unsealed surfaces and changes in altitude and scenery along the way. The Carcoar Cup begins in Carcoar, travelling along the Fell Timber Rd and out onto the Mandurama Neville road. Competitors then loop out around the back of Neville before storming down the main street to the cheers of waiting spectators as they cross the half way mark. Runners then make their way along the Blayney Shaw Neville Rd towards Blayney before turning left for the climb onto the Mt Macquarie saddle leading to the mostly gentle descent into Carcoar.
Mens and Womens divisions 1st Prizes $1,500 plus trophy, 2nds $650 plus trophy, 3rds $350 plus trophy, 4ths $200, 5ths $100. Commemorative Medallions all runners
The Carcoar Cup is a special category qualifier for the 6ft Track run.

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Carcoar Cup 10km Special (New Race for 2017)

9.00am Sunday. Entry fee $40

The race will start at Drink Station #3 on the corner of the Mandurama/Neville Rd and Fell Timber Rd, and runners will run back into Carcoar after the Marathoners have gone through in the other direction. This will be fast course, starting flat, then a long gradual downhill run to Coombing Creek (7km mark), then uphill for 1.5km and then mainly flat and downhill into carcoar for the last 1.5kms.
Mens and Womens Divisions Winners $600 plus trophy, 2nds $250 plus trophy, 3rds $100 plus trophy. Commemorative Medallions all runners

TRANSPORT will leave carcoar at 8.30am for those who want it – bookings essential, as his race is our first 10K and we would like to have a good idea of numbers before race day.

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Carcoar Cup Half Marathon

8.45am Sunday (Neville): Entry fee $55

The half marathon begins in NEVILLE and, following the second half of the Carcoar Cup route, makes it way back to CARCOAR over the saddle of Mount Macquarie.
At 21 km in length it is a great way to be involved in the festival without having to complete the whole marathon distance… Or use it as training for the Carcoar Cup next year! Actually the most popular race of the Festival!
Mens and Womens Divisions Winners $1250 plus trophy, 2nds $500 plus trophy, 3rds $200 plus trophy, 4ths $100. Commemorative Medallions all runners

TRANSPORT will leave from Carcoar at 7.30am for those runners who want to leave the cars at the finish.

Team Events

8.00am Sunday: Entry fee $250 per team.

The Carcoar Cup Marathon course has been easily divided into four separate sections for the teams event. The sections vary slightly in distance and difficulty, so allowing for teams combining various strengths, older and younger, and disabled contestants.

SECTIONS: 10kms, 12.5kms, 8.5kms and 11kms This makes for perfect teams events!

Winning team $600 plus trophy, 2nd $250, 3rd $100. Commemorative Medallions all runners

Entries are invited in the following categories:

  • OPEN: Any combination of four runners. Each runner will tackle ONE SECTION of the course.


Would you like to be part of a team but don’t know where to find the other members?

Contact Andrew who will put you in touch with others in the same situation.

  • MILE LONG CLUB: Carcoar Cup’s most exclusive club, where members each run a mile for charity (For special membership qualifications talk to Andrew, Mile Long Club President.) In 2012 Cadia Gold Runners entered a 26 person team, which ran as honorary members of the Club, alongside other members. The Mile Long Club has raised many thousands of dollars for charity since its inception.
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Carcoar to Creek Dash

8.45am Sunday: Entry Fee $30

The Carcoar to Creek Dash is a shorter alternative for those who want to be involved in the Festival but for whatever reason don’t want to run the bigger distances.

Starting in Carcoar, runners will head up Mount Macquarie, turning Right onto the Fell Timber Road and race down to the Coombing Creek Bridge. Runners will then turn around and charge back to Carcoar. This run is approximately 6km.

Mens and Womens Divisions – Winners $150, 2nds $75, 3rds $50. Commemorative Medallions all runners

Carcoar Cup For Kids - Sponsored by Blayney Pharmacy

8.15am Sunday

The Carcoar Cup for Kids is a short race around the town of Carcoar designed for the young ones. At approximately 1.8km it is a challenging enough distance for the competitive ones but short enough to still be fun. Some of the older children may fancy running over 6kms in the Dash at 8.45am. Ages are all taken from the date of the Carcoar Cup, so this year the 6th November.

The race starts outside the Courthouse in Icely St, heads east and turns right before the Carcoar School, then the runners pound flat out across Pound Flat (couldn’t resist), across the ford, up and left into the Showgrounds; around the Showgrounds and out the top gate to Uralba, right along Eulamore St, right again into Naylor St, along Naylor St past all the crowds at the footy ground and over the bridge before swinging left into Belubula St and the FINISH LINE.

  • There will be Trophies for the winners of boys and girls divisions for each age group U12, U10, U8, U6. Commemorative Medallions all runners
  • First Child in every family $15 entry fee, every subsequent child only $7.50.

Great Walk - 10kms

Walk the last 10kms of the marathon course at the same time as the last half of the marathon field goes through. You can cheer them on, enjoy the spectacular scenery, and be back in time for the Presentation Ceremony STARTS 10.00am SUNDAY at the corner of Mt Macquarie Rd and Blayney Shaw Neville Rd.


We increased our prizemoney to $13,000.00 in 2015 and maintain that level in 2016 – this highlights our huge and continuing committment to making the Carcoar Cup one of the highlights of the Australian running calendar.

Wonderful potter Louise Purcell of Carcoar Pottery, has again been commissioned to make all our trophies. They are unique and treasured by those lucky enough to have one.

We also present each competitor with a special Carcoar Cup 2015 medallion and ribbon to commemorate their participation in the Festival.